Standard vs. XL Cartridges - What are the differences?

Posted by InkSurf on Jul 27th 2020

Standard vs. XL Cartridges - What are the differences?

Do Standard and XL Cartridges fit the same machines?

Standard and XL cartridges are designed to fit the same printer models. It is often misunderstood that XL cartridges only fit larger sized printers, however XL refers to the amount of ink inside of the cartridge.

Standard cartridges are not filled to capacity, therefor it less expensive compared to the XL cartridge which contains more ink. 

Which cartridge is more cost-effective?

XL cartridges are a bit more expensive than standard cartridges, however they are actually more cost-effective. With the XL cartridge you are able to print almost double the amount with some models, making the average printing cost per page lower.

Which cartridge is right for me?

If you print on a regular basis or want to save money in the long run, the XL cartridge will provide savings and also last you longer periods so you do not need to order ink as frequently. If you do not print very often then a standard cartridge will get the job done.

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